Best Golf Holes

Island Green

One of the most widely recognized holes in Atlanta, the island green 16th provides a challenge to even the most seasoned golfer. Playing from 99 –199 yards, there is a generous fourteen thousand square foot green and of must pay attention to the wind as even the best shot can become errant if the gusts are unaccounted for.

Emerald Pointe Golf Club

A relatively short Par 3, Hole #2 at Emerald Pointe Golf Club is anything but easy. Surrounded by water on 3 sides and 2 large Bunkers, there is very little room for error. The wind alone could be a 2 club difference depending on its direction. If you’re fortunate it enough to avoid the water and bunkers with your tee shot, you’ll have to have the correct yardage for the pin location, as this green is one of the largest you’ll see all day

Crooked Creek Golf Club

The 17th hole at Crooked Creek Golf Club is a beautiful yet very challenging par four. 380 yards from the back tee, the player must cross water twice once off the tee and getting to the green is tough because the green is surrounded by water. Wind is always a factor on this great par four.

Stone Mountain Golf Club

The Stone Mountain Golf Club course opens with an intimidating double dogleg par 4 and a forced tee shot carry over water of 175-200 yards (depending on tee box used). Aim just right of the forward tee markers on the opposite side of the water for the best result. Position your second shot left of center inside the 100 yard marker for the best approach angle into a green that is situated around to the right of a granite bluff on the edge of Stone Mountain Lake. Note that putts routinely break toward the Mountain!

Stone Mountain Golf Club
Stonebridge Golf Club

The 9th at Stonbridge can make or break your round. A good tee shot will leave you a chance to hit this peninsula green in two, but even a well struck ball pin high thirty to forty feet either side of the flag will put you in the water. Take the safe shot to the lay up area but make sure you take enough club. Best advise is to take one more club than you feel is needed to carry the water. The will leave a third shot between 100 and 140 yds left to the green. Gambling on this hole can produce an easy birdie or a big number.

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