Best Golf Holes

Island Green

One of the most widely recognized holes in Atlanta, the island green 16th provides a challenge to even the most seasoned golfer. Playing from 99 –199 yards, there is a generous fourteen thousand square foot green and of must pay attention to the wind as even the best shot can become errant if the gusts are unaccounted for.

Emerald Pointe Golf Club

A relatively short Par 3, Hole #2 at Emerald Pointe Golf Club is anything but easy. Surrounded by water on 3 sides and 2 large Bunkers, there is very little room for error. The wind alone could be a 2 club difference depending on its direction. If you’re fortunate it enough to avoid the water and bunkers with your tee shot, you’ll have to have the correct yardage for the pin location, as this green is one of the largest you’ll see all day

Crooked Creek Golf Club

The 17th hole at Crooked Creek Golf Club is a beautiful yet very challenging par four. 380 yards from the back tee, the player must cross water twice once off the tee and getting to the green is tough because the green is surrounded by water. Wind is always a factor on this great par four.

Stone Mountain Golf Club

The Stone Mountain Golf Club course opens with an intimidating double dogleg par 4 and a forced tee shot carry over water of 175-200 yards (depending on tee box used). Aim just right of the forward tee markers on the opposite side of the water for the best result. Position your second shot left of center inside the 100 yard marker for the best approach angle into a green that is situated around to the right of a granite bluff on the edge of Stone Mountain Lake. Note that putts routinely break toward the Mountain!

Stone Mountain Golf Club
Stonebridge Golf Club

The 9th at Stonbridge can make or break your round. A good tee shot will leave you a chance to hit this peninsula green in two, but even a well struck ball pin high thirty to forty feet either side of the flag will put you in the water. Take the safe shot to the lay up area but make sure you take enough club. Best advise is to take one more club than you feel is needed to carry the water. The will leave a third shot between 100 and 140 yds left to the green. Gambling on this hole can produce an easy birdie or a big number.

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  1. Woodmont Hole # 16 Par 5
    I try to “bust” a tee shot long to the left side of the fairway to position for a 6 or 7 iron across the first creek and onto the landing area. I am then left with an 8 to a wedge into a putting nightmare of a green! No life short and impossible chipping if over the green. Three good shots does not guarantee par!!

  2. Reunion Hole #15 Par 4
    A great hole to humble big hitters off the tee as it’s fairly easy to drive through the fairway. Second shot can be difficult. Keep right to avoid trouble and use one club more than normal. A great hole on a great course.

  3. Tee shots on this Par 4 finishing hole play slightly uphill to a landing area guarded
    on the left by a large bunker. Second shots from the left side of the fairway require
    a long carry over eleven fairway bunkers to reach a green protected on three sides
    by bunkers. (Castle Pines Golf Club, Hole #18 Castle Rock, CO)

  4. City Club Marietta Hole #8 Par 5
    Drive to cart path on left side, then a 3 wood to just short of water, then 7or8 iron to green and hopefully 2 putts. Playing with my brother last year (he’s a senior) his 3rd shot was 8 ft. from pin and a thunderstorm burst suddenly, we insisted that he spot his ball due to lightning and went to clubhouse. After storm he sank the putt! What a hole!!

  5. Chateau Elan Resort Hole #2 Par 3
    209+ from the blue tees: This par 3 is a very challenging hole for the amateur golfer. Most amateur’s must use a 3 iron or wood to reach this green, which isn’t very large. Most amateur’s move the ball from left to right. If you miss this green to the right where a serious drop off is located, it can make getting up and down to make par almost impossible.

  6. Birch River Hole # 18 Par 4
    The worst thing about this hole is that the round is almost over. From practice tee to 19th hole (thanks, Mr. LeBlanc), this course is “all that and a bag of chips”

  7. Lake Spivey Hole #1 Par 3
    A beautiful par 3 over water that requires a focused, rhythmical,and easy nine iron from the blue tees to land the ball over and between the obstacles of the hole. Play the ball to the center of the undulating green. Par is a good score for this hole.

  8. Cobblestone Hole #11 Par 4
    About 400 yards, on the right is water, on the left in front of the green is a sand trap. After I 3-iron it as close to the right as I can while staying safe, I then try to 7 or 8-iron it to the front of the green, avoiding the traps that flank the green.

  9. Windermere Hole # 16 Par 4
    From the tips off the T, this is a great hole, and if you try to cut the corner you have a relatively short shot to the green. But your second has to be precise, hit over the green or to the left you are in the water, and to the right on the mountain

  10. The Hooch Hole #16 Par3
    The toughest Par 3 in the State! A Long Par 3 – 225 from the tip with a carry of about 210. Like kicking a field goal with the narrow chute of trees that close in front of this hole. Depending on which way the wind is blowing and how hard anything from a 5 iron to a driver can be hit here. Or you can just wimp out an lay up short of the hazard about 160 yards and then have a short little flip wedge to get it in close for the up & down. Wow!!!

  11. PineIsle Golf Club Hole #5 Par 4
    I hit my drive over the water cutting the dogleg leaving me a shot of between 175 to 185 yds to the green. My second shot is a hard 6 iron or easy 5 iron to the green. I usually end up with an easy two put birdie.

  12. Trophy Club of Atlanta Hole # 8 Par 4
    This long par 4 is entirely dependant on your drive. From the back tees, although it is a downhill tee shot, you are forced with a long approach over water to an elevated green. Making par on this hole feels like a birdie. More often than not the hole ends up played as a par 5.

  13. Emerald Pointe Hole # 2 Par 3
    Great Par 3 over water! Nice look at Lake Lanier. People out snorkeling for balls between tee box and hole will throw yours back to you if it goes in the lake.

  14. Bradshaw Farm Hole # 9 Par 4
    What a setting for a hole. There is a pretty good landing area with your drive unless you carry it too far in which case you could find the water. The second shot is very demanding especially if the pin is way up front. The green is narrow in both the front and the back. Make sure to get it on top of the ridge however, as if you are short of the green watch out.

  15. Chestatee Hole # 8 Par 4
    As long as the hole is, it really equalizes long and short (me) hitters. Long hitters have to really hit a perfect drive or they’re laying up. Short hitters are probably going to have to lay up. But clearing the hazard is no guarantee of par. The front right “bail out” position is a siren song. Tough chip from there. Lots of ways to play this hole.

  16. Summer Grove Hole # 17 Par 4
    Two words: Pot Bunkers! They’re littered all over the right side of this fairway that feeds down to the right, leaving a very tough shot into the green. Either you’re on the fairway, with a shot into a multi-tiered green (with more bunkers in front of it), or laying up. Great hole, great course.

  17. Cherokee Run Hole # 9 Par 5
    Great risk reward hole. Take a driver off the tee and stay to left of fairway for mid iron shot around the tree or go left and be ready for a long iron into a green guarded by water. You can’t be long or you will be chipping downhill towards onto a green that slopes to water. Making a four on this hole is a lot of fun.

  18. Bear’s Best Hole #18 Par 4
    Not only is it a long slightly uphill drive, but if you push it you’re in the driving range, and good luck finding your ball in there! If you pull it, hello to anyone of the 21 bunkers in the left rough! I’d play a mild draw to the center of the fairway, then try to hit a high soft long iron (it’s long enough to warrant as much as a 5 iron for your second shot) to the center of the green. It’s a 2 tiered green, so play to the safe side.

  19. Stonebridge Hole #: 9 Par 5
    We used to play there while we were in college (Berry College). I only reached the green in two once, but it is always worth the try if you hit a decent tee shot. No eagle, but I did at least make birdie.

  20. Laurel Springs Hole # 11 Par 4
    Tough hole with two forced carries. A three wood to center of fairway will leave anything from pw to a seven iron into with difficult green.

  21. St. Marlo Hole #9 Par 5
    Only 440 from the blue tees, but is a par 5. Need a really good drive to have a shot at it in 2. Use 2 extra clubs and play it up the left side of the boulders. better to be long than short, big false front on right side of green. Without a good drive lay up to the 100 yard marker, but don’t get to close to those boulders!

  22. The Frog at the Georgian Resort Hole #17 Par 4
    A 446-yard par 4, dogleg right. A well-struck drive to the left-center of the fairway is the ideal tee shot. Too far left is in one of the bunkers. Too far right will kick into the hazard. The approach calls for either a long or mid-iron to a large green that has a hazard running from the left rear, all the way across the front. Par is an excellent score.

  23. Stone Mountain – Lakemont Hole # 1Par 5
    I love playing this hole. It is an easy birdie or par from the forward tees and gives your confidence a little boost. Our league plays every Monday evening here and we really enjoy the challenge of bending it around the trees on the second shot.

  24. Cherokee Run.#9 -Since I take a good risk at times i would aim my tee shot to the right side of the fairway landing just before the bunker. An easy 4 iron to the green from there across the stone Wall hazzard. Depending on the pen placement i have
    often been in position to 2 putt for birdie.

  25. St Marlo Country Club #9 – A Par 5 at 440 yards from the Blue tees. Requires an excellent drive of at least 250. Uphill fairway with trees on the left and right of the fairway. Second shot is uphill at 190, but you will need at least 210 to 220 to hit the green. The green is at least 30 to 40 feet above the fairway and you cannot see. The layout of this hole with the fairway, rock, and green layout make this hole one of the best in the Atlanta area!

  26. The Hooch #17 – You need to hit an accurate tee shot over a long scrub area with a fade to the right to put you in good position. Don’t hit too long or you will end up in the fairway bunkers. Too short and your ball is gone. Your second shot needs to be accurate as well. Water looms behind the green. Play it safe with a shorter shot.

  27. Reunion #15 – From the white tees, play a three iron to the right side of the fairway, as the fairway slopes from right to left as your shot approaches the dogleg left. If you can spank your three iron about 220 yards, you will be left with about 170-180 yards with a great angle into the green. Play a strong 7 iron into the green to remain below the pin as the green slopes severely from back to front. A par on this hole is good, but birdie is possible if you stay below the hole on your second shot.

  28. Woodmont – #16 A love / hate hole. Like Much of this course, hole number 16 is one of the finest in the Atlanta area. It’s hard not to love this hole with the spectacular view and challenging layout. However, hazards are abundant (Water, Trees, and a testy green) on this hole and can overshadow it’s beauty. The hole requires a long well placed drive on a narrow fairway, but the placement of your second shot is key for a chance at birdie.

  29. Southerness #17 – Of course the large water hole on the right side is intimidating. I use my driver to place it along the right side of the fairway….once the threat of water is out of the play there is plenty of real estate. From that point I usually use a 7 iron to get on the green. hole.

  30. Lake Spivey#9 -I like the long drive holes since my long game is strong.I’d drive down the left side low and hard and approach with my sand or pitching wedge with anticipation of a Birdie.

  31. BridgeMill Athletic Club #16 – If you are accurate go after the huge green in 1(putt to score). Otherwise, play long right of the Green and play short from that side to save Par.

  32. Stone Mountain #6 – I’m new to the area and was impressed with the “distance only” appearance of the hole. I’m a natural right to left drawer of the ball making the hole even tighter. A great test of distance, acccuracy, and strategy!

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